Rental car insurance in the USA

Save up to 40% buying with us your insurance for third party damages in a rented car in the USA.

How to use our rental car insurance in USA

Here are the steps to follow to successfully purchase insurance for the car you will be renting.

1. Buy online

Quote online with us and purchase your insurance that covers damages to third parties of the car you are going to rent in USA for a maximum of 30 days.

2. Reserve the car

You can reserve the car online or directly at the offices of the company where you will rent the car (Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, etc.).

3. Rent your car and cancel the SLP or LIS option.

When you are about to finalize your car rental process either online or at the counter, decline the SLP (Supplemental Liability Protection) or LIS (Liability Insurance Supplement) option.


You already saved up to 40% on the premium paid.

Quote online


This coverage exceeds the limit required by all US states, we cover $100,000 USD LUC per event in damages to third parties in their property and/or persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the state where you rent, you can save up to 40%.

A third party liability insurance is an insurance that covers damages caused to a third party, but not the insured's own damages.

No data of the rented car is not needed, since with the data of the own car Mexican car the extension of the insurance of this one to the rented car is made.

This insurance no not cover the Mexican Auto and neither the rented car.

Only only covers damages to third parties caused by the rented car in the United States.

The rental car can be insured with the rental company, or check if their credit card has that benefit, in which case they can decline/cancel the rental agency's comprehensive coverage.

We offer coverage for Civil Liability or damages to third parties with Combined Single Limit (CUL), per event for damages to property and persons.

This coverage can use up to $100,000 USD LUC per event. 

This coverage is greater than the minimum limit required by all U.S. states.

The third party insurance option, usually called Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP) or Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS), must be cancelled either online or at the counter.

By canceling it and contracting with us you will already have a saving of 20% or 40% in this protection.

SLP stands for Supplemental Liability Protection and LIS for Liability Insurance Supplement. 

There are two ways of naming the insurance against third party damages when renting a car in the USA.

Drivers who register during the purchase process can drive with a maximum of 3 drivers.

The minimum age of the driver must be 25 years old.

It is not required to print the documents for the insurance to be valid. When purchasing you will be able to download the documents (Policy and ID Card) and they will also be sent to the email address you register at checkout.