How to report a claim in the USA?

In the United States and Canada, it is mandatory to have unlimited liability insurance coverage for all vehicles traveling on their roads.

If we are involved in an accident in the USA, there are a series of steps that we must follow to report the accident:

IMPORTANT: The adjuster in the United States does not go to the place of the accident. Everything is reported via telephone, depending on the seriousness and type of claim, the company will determine the procedure to follow.

In the event our insureds receive a claim or lawsuit, they must notify their insurance agent or National Unity Insurance Company of any demands, subpoenas or information known to them.

Remember that your policy only covers cars and pick-ups for private use NOT intended for transportation and with Mexican and/or border plates.

Steps to follow to report a claim in the USA:

Notify the police of the accident by calling 911.

2. Obtain the essential data of the driver concerned:
- Name
- Address
- Insurance company
- Policy number
- Name of witness(es) (if any)

3. Report the accident through our online form or by calling the following telephone numbers:

4. Take photographs of the accident. Everything relevant for proper documentation.

  • Vehicles
  • Damage caused
  • Place of impact


Remember to keep the following information handy in order to correctly report any claim:
- Name of the insured and the affected driver
- Complete policy number (letters and numbers)
- Contact number in Mexico and the United States
- Place and time of the accident
- Description of the facts

Request road assistance

In the event that you require Roadside Assistance within the United States of America and/or Canada you should call:

Remember to keep the following data handy:

  • Complete policy number
  • Contact telephone number
  • Type of service requested