Frequently asked questions

In the United States and Canada it is mandatory to have Liability Insurance for cars with Mexican number plates. Tourist Auto Insurance is a legal requirement for vehicles with tourist number plates that travel on streets and highways in the United States and Canada.

At National Unity we have different liability cover alternatives.

You can purchase car insurance from an insurance agent or buy online by clicking here.

El seguro de auto turista o extranjero es el seguro que cubre la responsabilidad civil de cualquier auto mexicano o de cualquier nacionalidad diferente a la de Estados Unidos y/o Canadá. Este documento es obligatorio para poder circular en ambos países.

In the event that you are involved in a claim and become liable for damage caused to a third party, National Unity's liability insurance policy will cover damages up to a maximum amount of the sum insured purchased.

Purchase a National Unity liability insurance policy through an insurance agent or by clicking here.

The cost of insurance varies according to the term, coverage, and the individual characteristics of the driver(s).

Es un documento que garantiza la cobertura contratada y por la cual una compañía aseguradora se compromete con su asegurado.