Medical expenses

Includes medical expenses to occupants.

Roadside assistance

You are not alone! We provide you with road assistance within the United States and/or Canada with a hotline.

Professional assistance

Get international travel assistance and legal advice for document theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the United States and Canada it is mandatory to have Liability Insurance for vehicles with Mexican license plates. Tourist Auto Insurance is a legal requirement for vehicles with tourist license plates that travel on streets and highways in the United States and Canada.

At National Unity we have different liability coverage alternatives.

You can purchase auto insurance from an insurance agent or buy online by clicking here.

The tourist or foreign car insurance is the insurance that covers the civil liability of any Mexican car or of any nationality other than that of the United States and/or Canada. This document is mandatory to be able to circulate in both countries.

In the event of being involved in a loss and being liable for damages caused to a third party, National Unity's liability insurance policy will cover damages up to a maximum amount of the sum insured purchased.

Purchase a National Unity liability insurance policy through an insurance agent or by clicking here.

The cost of insurance varies according to the term, coverage, and the individual characteristics of the driver(s).

It is a document that guarantees the contracted coverage and by which an insurance company commits itself to its insured.