May  31, 2016
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MISSION:To be the leading insurance company in the market of Mexican vehicles traveling to the USA and Canada, maintaining the excellence and quality of our agents, who care for their client satisfaction.


VISION:To satisfy the insurance needs of our Mexican clients in the United States by offering a wide range of excellent products with coverage and terms that suit everyone.





National Unity Insurance Company is the leader in insuring Mexican cars and Commercial trucks traveling to the United States and Canada.
With annual sales that reach more than 30 million dollars and more than 3 million policies sold every year, National Unity takes over more than 60% of the market share, being the only company with more than 24 years of experience uninterrupted in the market. National Unity has presence all over the US-Mexico border.
AM Best granted National Unity Insurance Company an A- rating, an excellent grade given its capability to meet its obligations toward its clients. In addition, the company has enjoyed an extraordinary exponential growth both in the number of insured vehicles as well as in insurance premiums issued.
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Also more information is available on National Unity in the Department of Texas Insurance


We are an American company legally and physically based in San Antonio, Texas where it was incorporated in 1969.

In 1987, starts the Civil Liability Auto Insurance Program for Mexican cars driving in the US and Canada.


We have specialized in this field since 1995.




Acknowledgement and Segmentation by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (P.A.U)


Authorization from Mexico’s Treasury Secretariat, Insurance and Securities Division, to operate in the country through authorized agents and financial institutions.